Launch of the book “Dialogue of Civilizations”

It was in 2013 and I had been invited to speak at the Dialogue of Civilizations event in Beirut, Lebanon. But while I was preparing to go, the war in Syria broke out. My philosopher friends who were organizing the event thought about cancelling. Without fully considering the size of the effort, I decided that the dialogue had to continue. And so, along with Olgária Matos, we hosted the international event in São Paulo, this multicultural and multilingual city (as Haroldo de Campos said in the book Cadumbra!).

Since then, this summit of cultures has borne fruit. The book Dialogue of Civilizations, published by UNIFESP, will be launched on May 25 at the Mario de Andrade Library. Organized by Olgária Matos, Javier Amadeo and I, the book contains the essential reflections of great thinkers such as Edward J. Alam, Gilles Lapouge and Lawrence Sullivan, among many others who are equally poignant and inspiring. It received the support of chancellors from USP and UNIFESP, Maria Arminda and Soraya Smaili and the Municipal Secretary of Culture of São Paulo.

You can join us, it will be at 6:30 pm, at the Mario de Andrade Library, Rua Consolação, 94, Consolação, São Paulo

May the Star of the East shine in the West. Happy to be together on the great journey, that inspires us and can inspire many others.