In the midst of climate and environmental crisis

Earth Banquet
Earth Banquet by Denise Milan

In the midst of climate and environmental crisis, I found out that Fondazione Berengo has chosen a work of mine to express the urgency of aligning ourselves collectively and becoming aware of our role as beings immersed in nature. Earth Banquet, was the proposal I took on as a guest artist for Glasstress 2019 in Murano. Fondazione’s post reminds me, so strikingly, that here or there, our problems have a global scale and that these allegiances can be our strength.

And speaking of allegiances, the National Museum of the Republic, thanks to a partnership between the Biennial Foundation and the Secretariat of Culture and Creative Economy (Secec), will exhibit Island Brasilis, a work I made for the 33rd Bienal of São Paulo – Affective Affinities. Roaming, is the incredibly significant name that this initiative received. The exhibition runs from August 29th to October 13th. But on August 30th I will be there at a round table, talking, of course, about Island Brasilis, Language of the Stone and how the phenomena that occur inside the planet can serve as metaphors for our own development, on top of proposing ways and means for humanity in these difficult times!

Hope to see you there for a coffee!

Below you will find more information about the exhibition at Museu da República and the Fondazione Berengo. Give it a read!


Roaming – 33rd São Paulo Biennial

Date: August 29th to October 13th

Cultural Complex of the Republic –

Esplanade of Ministries

Tuesday to Sunday from 9am to 6:30 pm

Free admission

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Glasstress 2019

Glasstress is a traditional exhibition that runs in parallel to the Venice Biennale. This year, the show opens on the 9th, along with the 58th Biennial and will bring together contemporary artists such as Ai Weiwei, Tony Cragg, Carlos Garaicoa and Saint Clair Cemin, all invited to explore the infinite creative possibilities of glass. Vik Muniz and Koen Banmechelen, the curators of the exhibition, called me to participate. So, my work, Banquet of the Earth, that was featured in the solo exhibition orDeNAção, in the Gallery Lume, in São Paulo, curated by Marcello Dantas, will also be in Glasstress.


The installation Banquet of the Earth was created from fragments of glass and other minerals arranged on a table, as if they were plates put out for a meal. Why put these elements on the table? I think it’s an invitation to taste the minerals, chew on our origins, digest this knowledge and radically transform our perception of Nature.


If you go to the Venice Biennale, stop by Glasstress. There are 196 great artists busy answering the curators’ question: how does glass redefine their perception of space. And the location? An old abandoned glass oven on Murano Island. Splendid!



Local: Berengo Art Space Foundation

Address: Campiello Della Pescheria, Murano

From May 9 to November 24

Oficial site:


Furnace in Murano – Photographer: Dennis Jarvis (CC BY-SA 2.0)