33 Bienal de São Paulo – curated by Gabriel Perez-Barreiro – about Denise Milan’s installation


33 Bienal de São Paulo curated by Gabriel Perez-Barreiro
Artist: Denise Milan

Directed and Edited by James Choi

Photos courtesy of Thomas Susemihl
Drone footage courtesy of Beto Albertin
Sunset footage courtesy of Fabio Knoll

Music “Portland”
Written by Marshall Usinger
Performed by Be Still The Earth

Individual exhibition opening at the Lume Gallery and participation in the 33rd São Paulo Biennial

O Avesso – obra de Denise Milan, Galeria Lume – SP

Friends, as of today my work with the stones will be exhibited in two São Paulo locations: in the Lume Gallery and in the 33rd São Paulo Biennial.
The individual exhibition orDiNAtion: the DNA of the stone, curated by Marcello Dantas, will debut tomorrow at the Lume Gallery.
There I will display 19 recent and unpublished works that, in a way, make up a synthesis of these years of observation and experimentation with stones.
Commonly, the fact that all creation always begins with the observation of Nature. From there, I continue in search of a symbolic language that reconnects us with our condition as children of the Earth.
Gabriel Pérez-Barreiro’s invitation to join the 33rd Bienal de São Paulo, whose theme is Affective Affinities, you can imagine, filled me with joy!
The project will occupy part of the third floor of the show. It is an installation with crystals that have strangely human forms and it was these improbable and beautiful similarities that
connected me to these ‘stony beings’ from the beginning: through them, it is possible to construct a narrative that reveals us and inserts us into a scenario which is larger and more significant.
The language of stones is a metaphor of our journey of (re-) knowing in the direction of a new bond with the planet that we inhabit and that, in many ways, also inhabits us.I will be happy to share these visions with you! Come by!


orDiNAtion: the DNA of Stone, individual de Denise Milan
Local: Lume Gallery

Opening: September, 4, 19h

5 sep – 10 nov, 2018

Adress: Rua Gumercindo Saraiva, 54 – Jardim Europa, São Paulo

fone: (+55 11) 4883-0351


33RD of São Paulo – Affective Affinities

7 sep – 9 dec, 2018
Local: Pavilhão Ciccillo Matarazzo, Parque Ibirapuera

SP-Arte 2018 – 14th edition


SP-Arte: come and see

Be sure not to miss SP-Arte 2018, which brings together 131 national and international galleries in the Biennial Pavilion. This 14th SP-Arte will be from April 11 to 15 and my work will be there, in the Lume Gallery (B2 ground floor).

Today, SP-Arte is the most important international and contemporary art fair in Brazil. I will present, in the Lume Gallery, bronze sculptures and crystals that reflect the current moment of my work with stones, which as you know, are my passion.

Be sure to go, every year the fair is better and richer in experiences that will surely delight you!

I’ll wait for you for coffee!




Open: April, 12 to 15

Thursday to Saturday, from 13h to 21h. Sunday, from 11am to 7pm.

Preview: April, 11

Pavilhão da Bienal

Parque Ibirapuera, Portão 3

São Paulo, Brasil


More info: www.sp-arte.com/en/visitors

33rd International Art Biennial of São Paulo

33rd International Art Biennial of São Paulo – Denise Milan

Friends, now it is no longer a secret: I was invited by Gabriel Pérez-Barreiro to present my work with the stones at the 33rd Biennial of São Paulo – Affective Allegiances, to be held in September, at the Biennial Pavilion, in Ibirapuera Park.

This metaphor that I have been building over the years and that connects the mysteries and enchantments of our planet’s underground with the transformations and changes taking place in each one of us, will be transformed into a facility located on the top floor of the pavilion. When you visit the Biennial, be sure not to miss it.

I don’t even need to say how happy I was with this invitation! For me, it is a unique opportunity to convey the lessons from the origins that I have mined during my life. The 33rd Biennial has a different application of the work that I will share with you here in this space for idea exchange. Come visit! #bienalsp2018 #denisemilan

Photo: Thomas Susemihl

Published in Veja São Paulo Magazine!

It is great to see the work of esteemed people, but it is even better to build the possibility of real changes in the lives of dozens of children and adolescents through art and symbolic experimentation!
Take a look at the report that Veja São Paulo has done on the procession of the Precious Lives of Heliopolis and see why I am bubbling with pride for this whole group!

Preparations for Precious Lives Parede 2017

Every year it is always with the greatest emotion that I join the preparations for the Precious Lives Parede of Heliópolis, part of the art-education project Engage Earth, created from the Opera of Stones, a work that I developed in 2010.

And I never cease to be delighted by the efforts of community leaders and teachers, the enthusiasm of children and the joining of great artists. This joy makes me think about how this performance expresses important life moments for the collective human experience.

This year, the São Paulo Dance Company, with its 32 dancers, will join the Precious Lives Parede 2017. I will be responsible for the general direction, the musical direction by Badi Assad and the Forward the Collective with the support of UNAS of Heliopolis, in addition to the participation of the São Paulo Dance Company, directed by Inês Bogéa and choreographed by Mônica Monteiro.

This year’s procession will fill the streets of Heliópolis with children, young people, lots of music, singing and dancing, to dramatize with the party the connection of humans with Nature. The children’s participation this year includes, in addition to the traditional procession, a closing performance with the presentation of a choir and dance.

The original compositions for the Precious Lives Parede are by Clarice Assad, Badi Assad, Carlinhos Antunes and André Mehmari, made for the Opera of Stones and the parede ends with the hip hop of the Avante o Coletivo, at CEU Professor Arlete Persoli.

Eleven original choreographies were developed by Monica Monteiro for the São Paulo Dance Company (SPCD) which she passed onto to the youth of the community of Heliópolis under the direction of Inês Bogéa.

There were months of rehearsals with the children who will participate in the show along with the company’s 32 ballerinas. In addition to the dance, this year’s performance also includes a choir, directed by the Avante o Coletivo, which will release a new album with the participation of the children, called Vidas Preciosas em Heliópolis (Precious Lives in Heliópolis).

And the children’s costumes, friends!!! How beautiful they turned out!
Check out the photos!

And if you are inspired to live a completely different experience, come and join us:

Route of the Precious Lives Parede 2017
The procession takes place on November 24. It’s departure from CCA Heliópolis, on Coronel Silva Castro Street, is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. The closing performance, about one hour long, is scheduled to begin at 3:00 pm at CEU Proffesor Arlete Persoli.

Precious Lives Parede 2017

Conception and Direction
Denise Milan

Dance Language
São Paulo Dance Company
Direction Inês Bogéa

Mônica Monteiro

Musical Direction
Badi Assad
The Avante Collective

Itinerary / Facilities Coordination
Bruno Augusto dos Santos Ruiz – U-China
Joab Ávila Sampaio – Jota-Be
Vinicius Nespolo Rabello (Xuvisco)
Avante o Coletivo

Choir of the Precious Lives
Heirs of Hip Hop

Assessment Coordination
Rosana Martins

Lucas Rosatelli
Marcus Vinicius Furtado
Stella Quartim Franca

Special Participation
Badi Assad

Privacy Policy
UNAS – União de Núcleos, Association of Residents of Heliópolis and the Region

Album VIDAS PRECIOSAS in Heliópolis

Forward Avante o Coletivo & Denise Milan

Bruno U-China & Xuvisco
(Estrondo Beats)

Ekord Studio

Mixing and Mastering
Estrondo Studio by Xuvisco

São Paulo Dance Company

Chairman of the Board of Directors – Rodolfo Marino Vilella
Vice President – Ricardo Alves de Lima

Chairman of the Audit Committee: Durval Borges Morais

Inês Bogéa
Luca Baldovino | José Galba de Aquino

Rehersal Instructors | Daphne Dias Checker and Milton Coatti
Instructor | Lars Van Cauwnbergh
Dancers | Ammanda Rosa, Ana Paula Camargo, Ana Roberta Teixeira, André Grippi, Beatriz Hack, Bruna Poliana Souza Pereira, Bruno Veloso, Carla Afonso Zarzur, Carolina Paes de Barros, Daniel Reca, Diego de Paula, Gabriel Fernandes, Geivison Moreira, Giovanna Mozart de Souza Silva, Hiago Castro, Isis E Silva Soares, Joca Antunes, Larissa Lins, Letícia Martins, Luan Oliveira, Luciana Davi, Luiza Yuk, Mariana Cortez Carossa, Matheus Queiroz, Michelle Molina, Morgana Cappellari, Mozart Mizuyama, Natalia Queiros de Medeiros, Nielson Souza, Otávio Portela, Paula Alves, Patrich Lorenzetti, Renata Alencar, Thamiris Prata, Vinícius Vieira, Yoshi Suzuki
Pianist | Rosemary Sandri Pavanelli
Rehearsal Assistant | Beatriz Hack
Administrative Assistant | Ana Carolina Florêncio Nogueira

Coordinator | Antonio Magnoler
Technical Coordinator | Luiz Antônio Dias
Producer | André Souza
Sound mixer Rodolfo Paes Dias
Lighting | Nicolas Marchi
Stage Assistant | Espedito Peixoto dos Santos
Housekeeping | Elizabeth Roque

Communication Assistant | Celina Cardoso
Educational Assistant: Patrícia Farhat
Assistant of Education and Communication: Sandra Maria Laudani
Graphic Design | Rafael Alves Silva Ortiz Rojas

Coordinator | Charles Lima
Intern | Gustavo Bernardes

Coordinator | Marcio Tanno
First assistant director Melinda Grienda Sliominas | Morgana Wagner de Lima
Business Analyst | Ana Sarah de Lima
Administrative and Financial Assistants | Carlos Soares | Jeferson de Souza Dias
Administrative Assistant | Ivani Melo
Accounting Assistant | Diego Mendes Martins
IT Assistant | Jonathan dos Santos Correa
Archivist | Danilo Alves Garcia
General Service Support | Neide dos Santos Nery
Apprentice | Isac Santos de Anchieta