Denise Milan

Born in São Paulo in 1954. I have done many things, today people generally define me as a sculptor and a multidisciplinary artist. I’ve been working for years exploring the possibilities and expanding the frontiers of public art in Brazil. On this line, I am very proud of Opera of the Stones, which I created in 2010 and it has been unfolding ever since. My latest offspring is the art-education project Engage Earth, a beautiful art-education project involving children and young people from the communities on the outskirts of São Paulo and whose final output is celebrated in a procession that runs through the streets of the community.

Many of my works have already been exhibited: PSONE, Art in General (New York); EXPO 2000 (Hannover); EXPO 90, Hakone and the Open Air Museum (Osaka); Museum of Contemporary Art and the Art Institute and Cultural Center (Chicago); Palazzo del Monte Frumentario (Assisi); Wilson Center (Washington D.C.); Galerie D’Architecture (Paris).

Today you can visit me at the Adler Planetarium Museum in Chicago and in front of the Lyric Theater in Assis, Italy.

How do I define myself? I am an artist passionate about her subject: the stones. It is my universe of reflection and inspiration. And it is this language that I’m developing. I believe that it is on Earth that we must seek the teachings and intuitions that will allow us to live in harmony. On the ground we walk on, in the crevices of the planet, in the caverns and in the caves are hidden treasures of significance … waiting for us!