Drusa Recovery

Great happiness to see Druse, a sculpture in co-authory with Ary Perez, bringing back its colours to São Paulo.

Thanks for all that took care of its restauration, taking care of the beauty of the center of our loved city.


permanent installation
Vale do Anhangabaú, old downtown area
Ary Perez, Co-author
São Paulo
mixed media, painted iron, granite, water in motion, concrete

Meeting: Denise Milan and Carl Fillion

A conversation about the creative process for the play “The Adventures of Agrégora”

Wednesday June, 07 2017 | 19H

On Wednesday June 7th, Denise Milan and the Canadian set designer Carl Fillion will give a talk at the Lume Gallery about “The Adventures of Agrégora”, the artist’s latest work, which reveals her vision of the metaphor of the stone targeted to children’s theater.

Agrégora, the protagonist of “Opera of the Stones” from 2010, appears now alongside other characters in their challenges in the underground world. From magma to quartz, the story recounts the drama of crystal in continuous transformation. The crystal, an element that expresses perfection in nature, serves as a mirror and reflects the aspirations of the human being, allowing for the expansion of his consciousness.

Invited by Denise to direct and create the set design of the piece, Carl Fillon comes to Brazil to research and study the artist’s processes of creation. With extensive experience in set design, having worked with Cirque de Soleil and acclaimed director Robert Lepage, Carl’s vision is fundamentally based on the use of set design as one of the tools to present a story to the audience, creating a poetic and magical artistic environment.



Gumercindo Saraiva Street, 54 | Jardim Europa | São Paulo – Brazil